A Musical Tour of the Baltic Sea

11/20/2019 through 05/07/2020
11/20/2019 through 05/18/2020

A Musical Tour of the Baltic Sea

In partnership with Radio Classique

PONANT invites you to discover St Petersburg and other cities steeped in history of the Baltic Sea.

From Stockholm, embark aboard Le Bellot for a 9-day cruise, including 2 exceptional days in the former capital of the Tsars.

Your first port of call will be Tallinn, a site that was important for the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea around the 13th century. UNESCO Heritage Site, this once opulent city still has remarkably well-preserved ramparts, public buildings, merchant houses and warehouses.

Your ship will then head to St Petersburg. Architectural gems in the Baroque style, churches with domes so elaborate they seem otherworldly, palaces, gardens, canals, and the famous "perspectives" that criss-cross the city: at each street corner a new theatrical decor is revealed. We invite you to visit this colourful city where the atmosphere is rich with the splendour of the Tsars and the traces of the Russian Enlightenment.

You will also visit Helsinki. Located on a peninsula surrounded by almost 300 islands, the verdant capital of Finland will charm you with its Art Nouveau architecture. Next comes Gdansk, nicknamed 'the Golden Gate of Poland': an opportunity for you to dive deep into the fascinating history of a city that was once a significant trading port, and to discover the virtues of amber.

After this final port of call, Le Bellot will head for Copenhagen, your disembarkation port.


Day 1 Stockholm
Day 2 Tallinn
Day 3 Saint Petersburg
Day 4 Saint Petersburg
Day 5 Helsinki
Day 6 Visby, Gotland
Day 7 Gdansk
Day 8 At Sea
Day 9 Copenhagen

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