Premium Iran

04/21/2021 through 11/01/2023
04/21/2021 through 11/16/2023
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Premium Iran

Admired by many and explored by few, Iran’s spellbinding history and enchanting culture make it a destination like no other. Discover Ancient Persia on a 13-day Premium round-trip from Tehran and come face to face with glittering mosques, quiet hillside villages and dazzling bazaars. Learn what it means to be local during priceless interactions with Iran’s kind-hearted people and uncover a nation with so many stories to tell.


  • Tehran – Welcome Dinner
  • Complimentary Airport Arrival Transfer
  • Tehran – City Tour
  • Tehran – National Museum of Iran
  • Tehran – Golestan Palace
  • Tehran – Old Bazaar
  • Kashan -Tabatabaei Historical House
  • Kashan – Bazaar
  • Kashan – Fin Gardens (entrance fee and guide)
  • Kashan – Home-cooked Dinner
  • Yazd – Traditional sweet shop visit and tasting
  • Yazd – Zoroastrian Fire Altar and Towers of Silence
  • Yazd – Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  • Yazd – City Tour
  • Yazd – Home-cooked Dinner
  • Abarkooh – Cypress of Abarkooh
  • Abarkooh – Ice Houses
  • Shiraz – Saadi and Hafez Tombs
  • Shiraz – Eram Garden
  • Shiraz – City Tour
  • Shiraz – Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
  • Shiraz – Vakil Bazaar
  • Shiraz – Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh
  • Persepolis – Entrance and guided tour
  • Persepolis – Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis
  • Pasargad – Pasargadae (entrance fee and guide)
  • Esfahan – Si-o-Seh Pol Bridge
  • Esfahan – Qeysarie Bazaar
  • Esfahan – Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Esfahan – Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  • Esfahan – Ali Qapu Palace
  • Esfahan – City Tour
  • Esfahan – Vank Cathedral
  • Tehran – Tabiat Nature Bridge
  • Qom – Shrine of Fatima Masumeh


  • Visit Yazd – once a major stop along the ancient Silk Road – and discover the role religion plays in the city, from the impressive Jameh Mosque to the Zoroastrian towers and temples.
  • Experience the joys of Persian cuisine during a welcome dinner of north Iranian specialties in Tehran, dinner in the home of a local family in Kashan, a visit to a traditional sweet shop in Yazd and a home cooked meal with a Zoroastrian couple in Taft.
  • Explore one of the greatest cities of antiquity in Persepolis. The relief carvings and towering columns will leave you in no doubt that this was once the centre of the known world.
  • Spend two fabulous evenings in your feature stay accommodation – the Dad Hotel in Yazd. Enjoy traditionally decorated rooms paired with fabulous facilities and an enviable location in the heart of the city.
  • Your local leader is on hand each day to give to bridge connections with the locals, give you an insight into Iran’s rich history and take you to the best bazaars, making your adventure in this intriguing country a breeze.


Day 1 Tehran
Day 2 Tehran
Day 3 Kashan
Day 4 Yazd
Day 5 Yazd
Day 6 Shiraz
Day 7 Shiraz
Day 8 Shiraz
Day 9 Esfahan
Day 10 Esfahan
Day 11 Esfahan
Day 12 Tehran
Day 13 Tehran

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